'The Summer I Turned Pretty' season 2 finale ending explained (2024)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 finale, "Love Triangle."

By the end of The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 finale, Belly (Lola Tung) finally made her choice between the Fisher brothers. So did she end up on Team Conrad (Christopher Briney) or Team Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno)?

Just as she does in the second book, It's Not Summer Without You, Belly chooses to be with Jeremiah after evicting Conrad from her heart in a devastating scene. After promising to reunite on July 4, Conrad gives Belly her infinity necklace back and puts on a brave face until he leaves to break down alone. Meanwhile, Jeremiah takes Belly to her volleyball camp, where she successfully convinces her coach to let her back on the team. The season ends with Belly joyfully playing volleyball with all her friends as Jeremiah watches with pride from the sidelines.

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Author/creator Jenny Han says that ending the season with Belly playing volleyball was important, since it's about more than just her romantic choice between the brothers.

"I really loved seeing her being able to come out of her grief and smile again and have lightness and joy again," Han tells EW. "Her relationship with Jeremiah has always brought her a lot of happiness — it's almost like permission to be happy again at the end of the season. She's been punishing herself for some time now, and she's forgiving herself in many ways. It's a step towards living again because she's been under a cloud for a long time. She's getting some glimmers of that carefree Belly back, because there was a fear that they'd all kind of lost that piece of themselves when they lost Susannah," she continues. "It's good to see her able to find that hope again."

Series star Tung is also satisfied with all the choices Belly made in the finale.

"I was very happy with how the season ended," she tells EW. "We see it in episode 6 at the party when Belly is drunk on the beach and she's talking to Conrad, she tells him how much she would've fought for that relationship, how much it meant to her, and he just doesn't seem to be able to articulate to her that same sense of urgency and that same idea that he would've fought for them. She wants someone who's going to fight for her, and in that moment, Jeremiah is that right choice and the choice that will allow her to be happy without the drama of it."

But aside from Belly's romantic decision, Tung's also thrilled with how the season ends with Belly back at volleyball camp with all her friends because she'll always be Team Belly first.

"It's this beautiful note of just Belly," says the actress. "Not only is it about her and Jeremiah ending the season together, but also about her moving forward out of this grief and out of this confusion with everything, so it's a really hopeful ending and a really lovely thing to see."

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While Briney plays the brother who ends this season alone (sorry, Connie baby!), he also knows that "it feels like the right ending to this season."

"It feels like, at this point in their lives, the characters are doing what they all feel like they should be doing," Briney tells EW. "Even with Conrad, it's not necessarily his ideal situation, but he's making a decision himself to stop fighting and to move on with his life."

When Casalegno read the script for the finale, he felt like the past two seasons had been building up to this moment for Belly and Jeremiah.

"Season 1 was mainly Conrad and season 2 was switching over and showing Jeremiah's point of view," he tells EW. "That's just as important now that everything's on the table and you're getting to see things more from Jeremiah's perspective. I think it was the right ending."

But it was a long road to get to that ending — literally, as the love triangle got stuck in the car ride home from Conrad's school. Making things even more awkward is the fact that Conrad had just interrupted Belly and Jeremiah's big kiss, and he decided to take out his anger by going full jerk on both of them for the entire road trip.

"Those scenes were really fun," Tung recalls with a laugh. "It was really funny because Chris was crushing it during those scenes to the point where Gavin and I were actually irritated because he was just playing it so well. It was fun to explore that dynamic of the three of them being trapped in this car together after something really major just happened that completely altered their relationship. Chris killed it."

"I had a blast," Briney admits. "I actually made Gavin really mad. [He] didn't talk to me. I was trying to stay in it between takes and I was saying stuff to him and I may have taken it too far. But it's fun to be a jerk and find justification for that."

Briney pauses before turning to Casalegno and says, "But I'm so sorry."

Casalegno also laughs as he thinks back to that day on set, but he doesn't remember the specific comment Briney made that sent him over the edge.

"God, what didn't he say? There was one thing that just broke the camel's back," he shares. "I was like, 'No. Done. You're not getting talked to for the rest of the day.' I was already having a bad day."

"And I just made it worse," Briney adds.

"I was working such long days and hours, and then having someone who you're normally pretty chill with go complete goblin mode... I was done," Casalegno says.

"I just saw it," Briney says. "I felt it."

"But we're good now," Casalegno promises.

These interviews were conducted prior to the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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'The Summer I Turned Pretty' season 2 finale ending explained (2024)


'The Summer I Turned Pretty' season 2 finale ending explained? ›

Just as she does in the second book, It's Not Summer Without You, Belly chooses to be with Jeremiah after evicting Conrad from her heart in a devastating scene. After promising to reunite on July 4, Conrad gives Belly her infinity necklace back and puts on a brave face until he leaves to break down alone.

What happens in the end of the summer in I Turned Pretty season 2? ›

The ending of the season signifies a slight return to joy: Jeremiah and Belly, Steven (Sean Kaufman) and Taylor (Rain Spencer), Belly's return to a sport that makes her happy, Conrad on his path to Stanford again, Laurel sharing her book, and last but not least, the beach house being saved.

Why is Conrad so mad at Belly in season 2? ›

Conrad's lingering feelings for Belly are clear, but she dismisses their past relationship and fails to acknowledge the wrongness of moving on to his brother. The writers treat the love triangle as if Conrad and Jeremiah are separate individuals, ignoring their brotherly bond.

Does Belly end up with Jeremiah in season 2? ›

Who does Belly end up with? Ok, so despite us thinking there could be a final scene in which Belly changes her mind and goes back to Conrad, season two ends with Belly choosing to be with Jeremiah in the motel parking lot.

Why does Belly look different in season 2? ›

It's just her makeup has changed since season one. There's a lot more concealer use and nothing else. This was her in season one. with obvious blush and something in her brows.

Did Belly lose her virginity to Conrad? ›

In the second episode, it's revealed that Belly loses her virginity to Conrad by the fireplace in the house at Cousins Beach after the snow at the beach scene. “I felt like that's where Belly was in her journey,” Han tells Variety. “These two characters were very much in love and had known each other their whole lives.

Do Jeremiah and Belly get married? ›

Belly and Jeremiah plan to get married at Susannah's iconic beach home in Cousins in the third book. While planning, Belly finds out that Conrad has been living there. It's not long before she realises that she actually loves him. Belly and Jeremiah break up and Belly moves to Spain to study abroad.

Why does Jeremiah cheat on Belly? ›

They broke up, but Jeremiah thought the breakup was permanent while Belly understood the breakup to be a temporary moment of trouble in the relationship. To Jeremiah, getting physical with Lacie didn't seem like cheating on Belly, but Belly interprets his actions as cheating.

Why did Belly and Jeremiah break up? ›

But, fans of Belly and Jeremiah might want to look away now as in the books written by Jenny Han, Belly ends up marrying Conrad. Yes, really! In Jenny Han's third book, We'll Always Have Summer, Belly breaks up with Jeremiah after two years when she discovers he cheated on her while they were on a break.

Does Belly lose her virginity to Jeremiah in the show? ›

In another big change, Belly loses her virginity to Conrad in the TV series, which doesn't happen in the books. Considering all of these changes, you might be wondering if "The Summer I Turned Pretty" stayed true to its core story — the love triangle between Belly and the Fisher brothers.

Does Belly choose Conrad or Jeremiah? ›

As for why Belly chooses Jeremiah in the season finale, Han says that, as always, Belly is following her heart. “I think part of what she loves about Jeremiah is his openness and the way he allows her to really see him and love him,” she says.

Does Belly sleep with Jeremiah? ›

Jeremiah was Belly's first kiss, abruptly kissing her during a game of Truth or Dare at fourteen years old. Belly had been furious since he stole her first kiss, which she wanted to be special, and he had only done so as a joke and to make Taylor jealous. The two did not have sex during their two year relationship.

Will Belly end up with Jeremiah in season 3? ›

The series concludes with Belly marrying Conrad, embarking on a new journey together as a couple. Jeremiah "Jere" Fisher initially portrays the "golden" boy archetype, seemingly untainted in the eyes of others. He serves as a supportive friend to Belly and a caring brother to Conrad.

Who does Belly officially end up with? ›

The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together. Jeremiah "Jere" Fisher: At the outset of the series, he is the "golden" boy, the one who appears to be untainted in the eyes of everyone. He is a good friend to Belly and a loving brother to Conrad.

Why does Belly not end up with cam? ›

Belly does not feel that same pressure in her relationship with Susanna. Belly's ties to the Fisher brothers make her relationship with Cam impossible. Although Belly and Cam like each other, their connection can't match what she feels for the Fisher brothers.

How much older is Steven than Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty? ›

In season two, Belly's older brother, Steven, has just graduated high school making him 18-years-old. In real life, there is a five-year age gap as Sean Kaufman is 23-years-old.

Do they lose the house in the summer in I Turned Pretty season 2? ›

In the series, Laurel gets Adam to buy the house off of Julia. In both the book and the series, Adam agrees on the condition that Conrad returns to school and passes his exams. Belly and Jeremiah help Conrad study for his exams, Conrad passes and the house remains theirs.

Do Belly and Jeremiah kiss in season 2? ›

Why Belly chooses Jeremiah at the end of Season 2. The finale episode tracks Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah as they make their way back home from Brown, where Conrad has just taken his last exam of the year—and subsequently had his heart crushed when he caught Belly and Jeremiah kissing by his car.

Who did Belly end up with in season 3? ›

The series concludes with Belly marrying Conrad, embarking on a new journey together as a couple.

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