‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 ending: Who does Belly choose? (2024)

Warning: This story contains spoilers for "The Summer I Turned Pretty" Season Two.

After eight episodes of beach house parties, childhood nostalgia, Taylor Swift songs and summer love, "The Summer I Turned Pretty" finale is here, and Belly is faced with a choice between the Fisher boys: Conrad or Jeremiah?

Told through a series of flashbacks, Season Two unpacked how her relationship with her first crush Conrad developed after their kiss on the beach closed out Season One.

What began as sweet phone calls turned into dates, including an intimate night spent at the Cousins Beach house. But after Susannah's death, Conrad's grief created distance between him and Belly leading to their breakup at prom.

This summer, Belly and Conrad seek closure for their failed relationship, while she and Jeremiah resume their friendship, after she picked Conrad over him. But feelings start to develop, leading them to kiss in the penultimate episode, which Conrad witnesses.

“There are multiple, gradual shifts throughout the script,” Lola Tung told TODAY.com before the start of the season. “You start to get a little torn between the boys.”

With all the cards on the table, who did Belly pick at the end of Season Two, and why?

Who does Belly pick, Conrad or Jeremiah?

In the end, Belly picks Jeremiah. The two slowly fall for each other over a movie night, holding hands on a rollercoaster, a friendly splash fight in the pool and finally, with a confession from Jeremiah.

"If I fall for you again, I don't think I can take it if you change your mind like last time," he says, after Belly asks for a second chance at a relationship between them.

She responds by saying Conrad was a "dream," something she no longer wants.

"I want something real," she says.

In the finale, after the two are caught kissing by Conrad, the trio still has to make it back home, but unfortunately get caught in a torrential rain storm on the way. They pull over at a motel and all have to share one room.

Conrad is upset about their burgeoning relationship and lashes out at Belly, telling her he never wanted her. But Jeremiah doesn't buy it, and before he's ready to commit to Belly, he asks her to get closure with Conrad. Conrad meanwhile admits to Jeremiah that he's still in love with Belly.

Later that night, Conrad tells Belly he didn't mean what he said.

"I still want you, of course I do," he tells her. Before she can respond, he adds, "You don't have to say anything, I just wanted you to know that."

The next day, Belly shows Jeremiah that she picks him with a sweet kiss as Beyoncé's "XO" plays.

Then, in a heartbreaking moment for the Conrad fans, set to Swift's song "Exile," he tells Belly they are just friends, and he's walks away, leaving Jeremiah and Belly to be together. In her inner monologue, Belly tells her former love: "I evict you from my heart."

Jeremiah then drives Belly home and brings her to volleyball camp, where she fights for her spot back on the team.

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Why Jeremiah? Let Lola Tung explain

Tung says Conrad's actions played a role in shifting the object of Belly's affections.

Episode Six, during which Belly and Conrad finally discuss why they broke up, marked a "turning moment," Tung says.

"She's confessing how hard she would've fought for this relationship, and he just doesn't seem to want to even try to fight that hard, or never really seemed to want to fight that hard," Tung says. "And it's just like, why would you keep fighting for someone who doesn't want to fight for you?"

Meanwhile, "there is someone who wants to fight for her, and who has for so long" —Jeremiah.

As for why Jeremiah let himself trust Belly, actor Gavin Casalegno tells TODAY.com his character is "always looking for a window to vulnerable with Belly."

"When something's on his heart, he might not go about it the best way, but eventually it gets talked about," Casalegno says. "He goes through some changes at the beginning of the season, but after that, his heart is just an open book. He's like, 'Here I am,' and he's very unapologetic about it."

What happens to Conrad at the end of Season 2?

Conrad ends Season Two having lost Belly. But after his late night study session in Episode Seven, he passes his final exam and plans to transfer to Stanford University for the following semester.

In his last scene, he takes a bus back to Cousins Beach and tells Belly and Jeremiah he'll see them for the Fourth of July.

Most of the lingering conflict between Belly and Conrad stemmed from their inability to share how they felt.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 ending: Who does Belly choose? (2)

Christopher Briney says Conrad's hesitation to open up to Belly arose because he "felt like he knew what she wanted and knew it was not his place to try and get in the way of that."

Conrad's experience processing the grief of his mother while learning to manage his anxiety and panic attacks was a major part of his journey, and something he mostly kept hidden from Belly.

"As much as he can be trouble, I think he's aware of that fact," Briney says. "Not that he is aware of the effect that he has, but I think he knows how persistent he could be."

"(Conrad's) like, 'That's not my place. I need to choose them over me, because I love them more than I love myself' is probably the truth of it," he adds.

Will there be a Season 3? Yes! A week before the Season Two finale aired, showrunner and author of the original book series, Jenny Han, announced on Instagram that "The Summer I Turned Pretty" has been renewed for Season Three, with 10 episodes.

"We’ll Always Have Summer," Han captioned a photo of Tung, referencing the title of the third book in the young adult series. "So excited to finally share that we’re coming back to Cousins for Season 3, and this time we’ll have 10 whole episodes."

She added that work on Season Three has halted due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes. SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher has said that the union is financially prepared to strike for six months.

"It’s been hard not being able to work on the show because of the ongoing strikes, but we can’t wait to get going on Season 3 as soon as we’re able," Han wrote.

As for what Season Three might hold, the third book opens with a time jump, following Belly and Jeremiah's relationship two years into the future, both now at college. According to the book's blurb, "their relationship hasn’t exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be."

Even though Belly ended Season Two with a boyfriend, a healing relationship with her mom and her spot on the volleyball team, her final words signal that nothing is set in stone.

"The future is unclear," she says. "But it's still mine."

Maddie Ellis

Maddie Ellis is a weekend editor at TODAY Digital.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 ending: Who does Belly choose? (2024)


‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 ending: Who does Belly choose? ›

Belly reconciles her relationships with Jeremiah and her mother, but ultimately chooses to pursue her happiness with Jeremiah. The season ends with a slight return to joy, as relationships begin to mend and the beach house is saved.

Does Belly choose Jeremiah or Conrad season 2? ›

At the end of season two, we see Conrad tell Belly how he truly feels about her, but, he takes it all back again the next morning. Oh, Conrad! With Belly realising that she just can't trust Conrad, she decides that Jeremiah is the one for her.

Who does Belly end up with after season 2? ›

So did she end up on Team Conrad (Christopher Briney) or Team Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno)? Just as she does in the second book, It's Not Summer Without You, Belly chooses to be with Jeremiah after evicting Conrad from her heart in a devastating scene.

Who did Belly pick at the end of The Summer I Turned Pretty? ›

Who does Belly pick, Conrad or Jeremiah? In the end, Belly picks Jeremiah. The two slowly fall for each other over a movie night, holding hands on a rollercoaster, a friendly splash fight in the pool and finally, with a confession from Jeremiah.

How does The Summer I Turned Pretty 2 end? ›

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" season two also ends with Belly and Jeremiah as a couple, but it's slightly different from the book's present-day ending. The finale ends with Belly playing a volleyball game with her team and Jeremiah watching her in the stands like the supportive boyfriend he's just become.

Does Belly stay with Conrad or Jeremiah? ›

He then shows up at her college graduation, and they get back together. This all leads up to his marriage proposal two years into their relationship. The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together.

Does Belly sleep with conrad or Jeremiah? ›

In the second episode, it's revealed that Belly loses her virginity to Conrad by the fireplace in the house at Cousins Beach after the snow at the beach scene. “I felt like that's where Belly was in her journey,” Han tells Variety. “These two characters were very much in love and had known each other their whole lives.

Do Belly and Jeremiah get married? ›

Belly and Jeremiah plan to get married at Susannah's iconic beach home in Cousins in the third book. While planning, Belly finds out that Conrad has been living there. It's not long before she realises that she actually loves him. Belly and Jeremiah break up and Belly moves to Spain to study abroad.

Who does Belly choose in season 3? ›

The series concludes with Belly marrying Conrad, embarking on a new journey together as a couple.

Why does Belly choose Jeremiah? ›

“They really love each other. They really are best friends—and now more.” As for why Belly chooses Jeremiah in the season finale, Han says that, as always, Belly is following her heart. “I think part of what she loves about Jeremiah is his openness and the way he allows her to really see him and love him,” she says.

Who did Jeremiah cheat on Belly with? ›

Jeremiah had sex with Lacie when he and Belly were broken up. Multiple characters assume that the only reason Belly is marrying Jeremiah is because she's pregnant. Conrad recalls having a sexual relationship with a girl from his university.

Why did Conrad break up with Belly in season 2? ›

In a flashback in Season 2, Episode 1, Belly tells Conrad that they should take a break from their relationship so he and his brother, Jeremiah, can focus on their mother Susannah's cancer battle.

When did Belly lose her virginity in the books? ›

However, in a flashback in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2, we see Belly lose her virginity to Conrad. Fans of Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty books will know this did not happen in the original novel series.

Does Belly lose her virginity to Jeremiah in the show? ›

Belly's First Time

I want it to be with you." And with those 10 words, The Summer I Turned Pretty's entire trajectory changed as the decision for Belly (Lola Tung) to lose her virginity to Conrad (Christopher Briney) marked one of the Amazon Prime Video TV series' biggest departures from Jenny Han's books.

Who does Jeremiah end up with? ›

In the final book, "We'll Always Have Summer," Belly and Jeremiah become a serious couple and even go to the same college. When Belly discovers he hooked up with someone else while they were on a break, she breaks up with him. He begs her to take him back and proposes, to which she agrees, much to her family's chagrin.

Do Belly and Jeremiah get together in season 2? ›

Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty was emotionally dense, with high stakes and a love triangle between Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad. Belly reconciles her relationships with Jeremiah and her mother, but ultimately chooses to pursue her happiness with Jeremiah.

Do Belly and Conrad get together in book 2? ›

However, Susannah dies in the second book and this causes Conrad to pull away from Belly. They breakup before Susannah dies after prom. They also fight at Susannah's funeral when Belly sees Conrad's ex comforting him. Throughout the second book, Belly begins to bond more with Jeremiah and they grow closer and closer.

Will Belly end up with Conrad in season 3? ›

The series concludes with Belly marrying Conrad, embarking on a new journey together as a couple.

Does Belly end up marrying Conrad or Jeremiah? ›

Meanwhile, Belly ends up with Conrad in the third and final book after dating Jeremiah for two years and almost marrying him. Conrad keeps his promise to himself and pretends to not be in love with Belly but he finds out that Jeremiah cheated on her. He confesses his feelings and Belly and Conrad get married.

Is Jeremiah in season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty? ›

Belly's indecisiveness and selfish desires lead her to make the wrong choice in picking Jeremiah over Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2. Despite her complicated relationship with Jeremiah, it is clear that Belly has been in love with Conrad since the first episode and their connection cannot be ignored.

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