"The Summer I Turned Pretty" Cast: Who's Single and Who's Taken? (2024)

We've been obsessed with "The Summer I Turned Pretty" ever since we devoured the first season of the teen drama adapted from Jenny Han's cult-favorite YA book series in 2022. The Lola Tung-led show was a massive hit and put its young stars like Tung, Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno, and more on the map.

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" is a multigenerational drama that focuses on the protagonist, Isabel "Belly" Conklin's, summer at the fictitious Cousins Beach, which serves as a jumping-off point for the teenager to not only explore the wondrous, confusing, and heart-stopping phases of young love, but also to find herself.

Season one sees Belly become entangled in a love triangle as her lifelong crush, Conrad (Briney), begins to reciprocate her feelings just as his younger brother, Jeremiah (Casalegno), also begins to pursue her romantically. Belly chooses Conrad at the end of the season, but the cancer diagnosis of his mother, Susannah (Rachel Blanchard), threatens to derail their budding romance. Season two picks up where the first season left off, with Belly coping with the emotional fallout of Susannah's death and still torn between Conrad and Jeremiah. And back in August, the show was renewed for season three.

Considering the show centers on young love, viewers are probably wondering what these young actors' love lives look like IRL. If you, too, are curious about the talented cast members that brought the fictional characters to life, click through the slideshow for all the details about their known romantic links.

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" Cast: Who's Single and Who's Taken? (2024)


Who does Jeremiah end up with? ›

In the final book, "We'll Always Have Summer," Belly and Jeremiah become a serious couple and even go to the same college. When Belly discovers he hooked up with someone else while they were on a break, she breaks up with him. He begs her to take him back and proposes, to which she agrees, much to her family's chagrin.

Who is better for Belly Jeremiah or Conrad? ›

I think Jeremiah and Belly have the same maturity level, and Conrad needs someone in the same year of college as him. Conrad is the obvious choice for Belly. He has the emotional maturity that Jeremiah lacks. Conrad recognized that he couldn't be his best self for Belly because of his overpowering grief.

Does Jeremiah cheat on Belly in the show? ›

At Jeremiah's bachelor party, Conrad overhears Jeremiah's friends talking about how he had sex with Lacie during spring break, which angers Conrad, thinking that he was faithful to Belly. Conrad tells Belly that Jeremiah cheated on her, and Belly responds by telling him that she already knew.

Did Belly and Conrad dating in real life? ›

Conrad Fisher might still be vying for Isabel "Belly" Conklin's heart on The Summer I Turned Pretty, but Christopher Briney only has eyes for his own real-life Isabel — girlfriend of two years Isabel Machado.

Did Belly lose her virginity to Conrad? ›

In the second episode, it's revealed that Belly loses her virginity to Conrad by the fireplace in the house at Cousins Beach after the snow at the beach scene. “I felt like that's where Belly was in her journey,” Han tells Variety. “These two characters were very much in love and had known each other their whole lives.

Do Jeremiah and Belly get divorced? ›

She and Jeremiah, in the end, call off their engagement and break up for good after realizing they are not meant to be. In the epilogue, Belly has not heard from Conrad for two years, before receiving her handwritten letters from him "each and every month" throughout the rest of her college years.

Does Belly marry Conrad or Jeremiah? ›

Conrad then begins writing her romantic letters. When Belly returns, she and Conrad begin dating again and the book ends with the couple getting married. It rains heavily but Belly and Conrad couldn't care less. They run into the sea with their wedding clothes on, happy to finally be together forever.

Why did Conrad break up with Belly? ›

But after Susannah's death, Conrad's grief created distance between him and Belly leading to their breakup at prom. This summer, Belly and Conrad seek closure for their failed relationship, while she and Jeremiah resume their friendship, after she picked Conrad over him.

Why does Belly marry Conrad and not Jeremiah? ›

Belly admits, to his shock, that a part of her heart will always love Conrad. However, she insists to Jeremiah that she loves him more. Jeremiah tells her that it simply isn't good enough for him. The two don't go through with the wedding and break up, but remain good friends and still care about one another.

Did Belly lose her virginity to Jeremiah in the series? ›

In another big change, Belly loses her virginity to Conrad in the TV series, which doesn't happen in the books. Considering all of these changes, you might be wondering if "The Summer I Turned Pretty" stayed true to its core story — the love triangle between Belly and the Fisher brothers.

Who does Jeremiah cheat on Belly with? ›

Jeremiah had sex with Lacie when he and Belly were broken up. Multiple characters assume that the only reason Belly is marrying Jeremiah is because she's pregnant. Conrad recalls having a sexual relationship with a girl from his university.

Did Conrad cheat on Belly at the funeral? ›

At Susannah's funeral, Belly catches Conrad in his room with another girl, and they have a fight in which Belly tells Conrad to go to hell, and that she hates him. Conrad bites back by telling Belly he should have never started a romance with her, as she is just a kid.

How much older is Conrad than Belly? ›

The age difference of Conrad and Belly 😬 I feel like this get passed up so much but like the fact the book states that Conrad and Belly are two and a quarter years apart which really is something that's uncomfortable and never talked about.

Who does Conrad date in real life? ›

Meet Isabel Machado. Team Conrad girlies, this one's for you.

When did Conrad and Belly break up? ›

Belly and Conrad officially break up in a flashback to prom in Season 2, Episode 3, “Love Sick,” in which viewers see Conrad become more distant toward Belly in the lead up to prom as Susannah's cancer condition worsens. Belly tells Conrad that he can talk to her, but he remains closed off.

Does Belly choose Jeremiah in the end? ›

“They really love each other. They really are best friends—and now more.” As for why Belly chooses Jeremiah in the season finale, Han says that, as always, Belly is following her heart. “I think part of what she loves about Jeremiah is his openness and the way he allows her to really see him and love him,” she says.

Who does Steven end up with in The Summer I Turned Pretty? ›

So, who does Steven end up with in Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty? None other than Belly's best friend, Taylor Jewel. The second season builds Steven and Taylor's relationship from frenemies to lovers.

Does Jeremiah date a boy? ›

At Belly's birthday party in Episode 3, he flirts with a boy named Luke. Luke accuses Jeremiah of being a "queerbaiter". Jeremiah laughs and says: "No, Luke, I'm just equal opportunity." The pair then share a passionate kiss. Later it becomes clear that Jeremiah is in love with Belly.

Does Jeremiah hook up with a guy? ›

Jeremiah's Sexuality

In episode three, he hooks up with a guy named Luke before fully realizing his romantic feelings for Belly (Lola Tung).

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