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F L i G H T

its okay

the size of the movie is WAAAAY TOOOO BIIIIIG i ended up having to scroll up and down to catch all the stuff going on the screen

other than that work on your drawing


This review prooves I have a WAAAAY bigger screen than you. Sorry about that.

Z.A.Ds madness adventure2

Another one?

we already have about a thousand attempted madness movies scattered all around the place, most of them with virtually no storyline like this one.

make up your OWN sh*t instead of constantly trying to hold someone else's dick
that's what separates the fanboys from the actually SUCCESSFUL animators

0/10 for creativity

Animation was like any other madness movie
a big pickle with a head having his hands tweened all all over the place

the guns were lacking depth perception, you didn't do anything interesting with the background and the "blood" was just gradients from (what I guess) MS paint being tweened

4/10 for animation
2/5 overall


there will always be people who will make madness flash, most are bad...but you can't help that

Sonic AD (part II)

for a sprite movie this is kinda below the bar....

not a lot of effort put into spiriting since most of the graphics were just still pictures being tweened.

Not to mention the lazy backgrounds
(usually when sonic stops running the backgrounds NOT suppose to be blurry)

1/10 - 2/5 (cutting you some slack)


entertaining, but only for a bit...

I enjoyed watching the flash overall and see that It probably took a LONG time but it still needs a little spark if your going to make it into a saga

1: Make it a little more original,
the whole BADASS WARRIOR TAKES DOWN EVIL SOCIETY no matter what you might believe- has been used plenty of times before,
Make tarboy a girl or something

2: Add a little more to the story itself
right now what you're working with is an evil corporation with no history and a guy made of tar who runs around destroying property and "bad cats" and who apparently died and got scooped up by a janitor and is being held in a jar

It's great so far but still lacking in story

Random Mario Parodies

not funny

repetitive predictable and or lame jokes coupled with the same background setting and lazy animation = a 2/5 from me

What you could work on if you're going to make another one of these things:
- Think up more creative jokes
- Don't be lazy, use different backgrounds, not just the same still picture

Castle Repercussions - D1

really intresting movie

definately the first stick movie I've seen with an actual storyline (i think)


1: making some of the scenes easier to follow,
The vcam (if you were using one) jerked around waaaaaay too much (i guess that was just some of the effects to make the movie what it is)
but even in the last scene I was left wondering what happened among all the flailing black gradients and camera blood-splatter effects

2: put more definition into the whole setting
It makes the scenes much more enjoyable to watch when its not just gray shapes with light blending filter effects

8/10 : 4/5

Wolf Bite

i really can't say anything good about this...

nice art work (if it was yours at all)
but the whole movie was basically image tween whoring

practice some FBF and come back when your better

Ng Voicemail #973


ha that was probably crebb from the Duck Division or a guy from the fa*ggot federation

With My Mind's Madness

I'm going to be perfectly honest-

basically an AMV in the form of an swf file
hated the corny screamo music and no sound effects at all

could've been ALOT better here
the animation seemed rushed and sloppy from the very beginning especially by you standards
and I think we can all agree you other madness day flash was alot better


lol, Naronic.....

"THE VS" trailer

nothing exiting or intresting

just a completely cliche' idea coupled with fair animation and copyright characters.

I mean seriously, all of them facing each other? don't you think by now the utter thousands and thousands of Nintendo fanboys haven't thought that up?

+5 for the animation

but try to make your own characters


lol of course many have thought of it XD.
but dude where are the Nintendo character in my animation.
srsly ¬¬.
but hey i still enjoy watching a good sonic vs shadow even if there are millions.
also Nintendo do it with Pokemon they change it a little and bring the same stuff but still make bucks.


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