Kelsi Davies — When I Make It To LA. (2024)

Talks Paranormal Exploration, Surreal Industry Moments, and New Music!

Artistry without borders is seemingly the only way to describe the work of Kelsi Davies. The social media star celebrates a decorated resume across multiple creative outlets, making her mark as a choreographer, actress, and musician. In addition to running a successful TikTok and YouTube account, her talents stretch far beyond that of your average influencer – and it only takes a quick look at her content to find out why.

In recent years, the California-raised creative has not only become known for her progressive approach to paranormal content but an innate ability to sense and communicate with the other side. As incredible as it may seem, this is nothing new for Kelsi. She shares that paranormal experiences have been a recurring theme in her life.

“I always had a fear of the other side when I was young. It may have been mainly because I knew spirits/ghosts were there,” she said. “I would have experiences that no one else understood — even I didn’t quite understand them at the time.”

This unique ability has translated well with her audience of over five million. From her popular paranormal exploration videos to those interacting with Lola, her haunted doll, Davies provides the content that others simply cannot.

Her newest single, “Darker,” is a testament to this. Made during the Halloween season, the song cleverly depicts “a party thrown at a haunted house where the ghost is not welcoming to visitors.” We recently spoke to Davies about "Darker," paranormal exploration, and more!

Hey Kelsi! Thanks so much for speaking with us, and congrats on all of your recent success. How did you get starting making content?

Thank you so much! I have always loved to entertain, create, and express myself in different ways. An old friend of mine and I would mess around making funny videos and editing them, it was always just what we did when we would hang out. Later on, we created a YouTube channel together and I really loved everything about being a content creator. I learned a lot from that experience but we eventually went our separate ways, so I started my own channel focused mainly on the paranormal. I now continue to make content on there along with other platforms!

Was content creation something that you had thought about before your virality? What was that initial experience like for you?

Yes, I knew I wanted to be a content creator and worked really hard building up my YouTube channel as well as my TikTok. It wasn’t until TikTok that my content started going viral! It’s so fulfilling to see the community that we have built, and that the content I produce and work so hard on is being acknowledged and enjoyed by others! I’m still shocked that so many people follow me on my journey, but so, so grateful.

You’re perhaps best known for your abilities as a physic medium. When did you first realize you were sensitive to the other side?

Ooh this is a long story, but I always had a fear of the other side when I was young. It may have been mainly because I knew spirits/ghosts were there. I would have experiences that no one else understood—even I didn’t quite understand them at the time. There was a man I would see frequently that no one else saw. He wore a brown suit, glasses, and a silver watch. I wanted to know more about him, so my old friend and I used a Ouija board to try to communicate with him. From that session, I found out he was my grandpa’s father. I instantly knew this was accurate information. Later, I found out from another medium that his name was Len—I call him Lennie. After this session, I asked my mom who Len was. She said that was her grandfather whom she had never met; he passed before she was born. We wanted to do more research on him, especially because I had seen him since I was super young. We called my mom’s cousin who had photos and videos of him. She didn’t tell us which one he was and there was a part of a family video that had about five people in it. I paused the video and pointed to him, I said “Mom, that’s him. That’s Lennie.” She didn’t know what he looked like so we asked her cousin which one Lennie was. It was exactly who I was pointing to. Later in the video you can see the silver watch he always wears, and in photos of him he had the same glasses on that I would see him wearing. I then asked my grandpa if his dad had a brown suit. He said “Yes, he did have a brown suit.” This was the same day I found out that psychic/medium gifts run in my family. Since that day, I feel like I understood my whole life so much better.

How did others first react when you first revealed this side to your life as opposed to now?

They were skeptical of course, but I proved it to them time and time again. Now they are very interested in it and so supportive. It’s just something that is hard to understand unless you see it or experience it.

What first inspired you to start getting into haunted explorations?

The mystery. Before I understood my gifts, I was so curious to see what paranormal activity I could catch on camera and experience myself. I knew something was there but I was so curious to see more and in a way, validate the things I saw and felt my whole life.

How does filming collaborative paranormal content differ from a solo exploration?

The energy makes things so much different. I have noticed that each person seems to draw different spirits in. Some negative entities, some angelic. It’s really interesting to see and experience. While solo definitely gets overwhelming, its’ something I experience daily; the only difference is that I’m somewhere with more paranormal activity than normal.

One of the most unexpected YouTube crossovers I’ve ever seen was your collaboration with The Vlog Squad’s Suzy Antonyan. What was it like going on an exploration with her?

I love Suzy, she has the best energy. She is super in tune with the supernatural and we connected so well based off of our similar psychic experiences. We just share that feeling of being drawn to the paranormal and have so much fun wherever we go. She is such a genuine, down-to-earth person, and I can’t wait to go on more adventures with her!

What was your scariest moment during a haunted exploration?

Definitely when my friends and I visited the “Gates of Hell” in New Jersey and we opened two Dybbuk boxes… not the best idea. Something evil was there and I began to dry heave, blackout, and sweat in 40-degree weather. I truly believe something tried to possess me that night. That was terrifying.

Which do you prefer to create content on, TikTok or YouTube, and why?

That’s a really hard choice because I enjoy both so much. However, I feel like YouTube allows me to be more creative with longer videos, so I can show more of my personality and connect with my audience more!

You simply do it all, between acting, singing, dancing, mediumship, and content creation. How have you learned to balance these interests?

It’s hard to balance it all because I just love to do so many different things! I try to just have fun with all of it and usually I will focus on one thing at a time. Mixing some of them together definitely helps too!

With that said, let’s talk about your music! What made 2021 the year to start releasing your songs?

I always wanted to get more into music. Singing is something I have always loved to do, so being able to do that while performing in my music videos is so fulfilling. I feel like I am able to express myself throughout the whole process of doing things I am so passionate about from producing and directing to dancing and acting.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Darker”?

I wanted to make something dark and edgy for the Halloween season! Comanavago wrote and produced the song and I absolutely love what they came up with. The dark side of love: obsession, possessiveness, and control.

What do you want listeners to take from the track?

Hopefully, listeners can stay away from the darkness that toxic love can bring. If anyone is going through that negative cycle, they can rise from it and allow themselves to let go.

From co-creating, a mobile app to being featured on the Travel Channel, what would you say has been your most surreal moment as a content creator?

I think it was when I was first recognized in public by fans. It was just so surreal taking pictures with them as they were so excited to meet me. I am always just as excited to meet fans and it's so humbling to see people who support me. It is heartwarming to know that I made a positive difference in someone’s life.

What is your best piece of advice for someone who wants to start posting on YouTube/TikTok?

I say be consistent, humble, and never give up. It takes so much hard work and dedication. You can do anything you set your mind to and if you want it, go for it! Hard work pays off 100%, but nothing happens overnight. Be patient, enjoy it, and stay authentically yourself.

Kelsi Davies — When I Make It To LA. (2024)
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