Guide for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (2024)

Unit Hunting

Before we being with the rest of this game, there are a number of hidden units that you have to unlock both for specific achievements and for unit-based achievements later on. I'll run through all of these first. They're split into two groups, Legacy units and Secret units. The Legacy units can be found on a single map, whereas the secret units are found spread over every map in the game.

For each of these, you'll need to free fly around the map and find items relating to the unlockable units. To do this, enter a map and once loaded in, press Guide for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (1) and the HUD will disappear and you'll be able to free explore the map. Once in free fly, push and hold Guide for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (2) to move around the map faster.

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Legacy Units

Load up the game and from the main menu choose Sandbox. You'll be presented with a screen showing off all the maps you have access to currently. Press Guide for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (3) to switch screens until you find the map called Legacy.

Before we begin hunting, if you'd prefer a video guide, I've linked one in the spoiler below from Billzumanati over at AchievementLand who's kindly given permission for its use here. All credit for the video is to him.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once loaded up, you'll want to press Guide for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (4) as mentioned above, the fly along the following path;

From the start, head towards the large church in the middle of the map. Face it from the side with the main door, like so:

In the small graveyard in front of this church is an open grave. Look inside to find a blowdart pipe.

Look at it for a few seconds and it'll start shaking and glowing. Once it completes this and disappears, you'll unlock a unit - Blowdarter.

From here, look out of the grave, over the headstone and at a statue (to the left of the church).

Go towards it and focus on the wooden plaque affixed to the bottom plinth that says: "In the loving memory of Poacher".

This will unlock the Poacher unit.

Turn around from here and face the stained-glass window of the church.

Slightly follow the church around to the left and in the alcove just to the left is a large polearm.

This unlocks the Pike unit.

Look directly up from this and go up to the spire of the church. Head inside the archway with the broken planks across it;

Inside, look down to see a funnel-shaped object. Look inside that to find the next item;

This unlocks the Super Peasant unit.

Leave the tower and while in the air, turn right to spot a hole in the church roof, where you can see a wooden supporting beam.

Head inside and you'll find an open sarcophagus with a Pharaoh inside. The pharaoh is the next item

This will unlock the Pharoah unit.

Go back outside and look away from the church, so that the spire is on your left. Follow the roof and wall down to the ground and then turn around to face the church. Turn to your left and follow along the edge of the church a very small way. On a small gravestone in front of a window is a glove.

Look at this to unlock the Dark Peasant unit.

Turn left from this and you'll see a raised gravestone surrounded by a small grass hedge. Directly in front of it, in the little gap in the hedge, are a set of gloves.

Collect them for the Super Boxer unit.

From the raised gravestone, turn left. You should see a small grove of four pointed trees;

Head towards these at ground level and go underneath them. You'll find a hole in the ground with a descending tunnel that you can fit through. Head down and it'll light up a little and you'll spot a large buried purple tank.

This unlocks the Tank unit.

Leave this tunnel and return to the Church. From the spire, face towards the statue that you found the plaque on earlier. Follow the dirt path to the left of this statue into the wooded area. You'll quickly come across a wooden cart and a tree stump.

On top of that tree stump are a wizard's hat and a pipe. Grab these;

This unlocks the Wizard unit.

Turn around 180 degrees from this stump and rise into the sky a little. In the distance, you should see a campsite with a number of blue tents.

Head towards these, and next to one of the tents closest to you is a wooden barrel.

Grab this to unlock the Barrel Roller unit.

Near this barrel in the middle of the campsite is a flagpole with a sword flag at the end of it. Look at this to unlock the Flag Bearer unit.

Turn around and peer over the empty open battlefield to see a campsite of red tents on the other side.

Travel over to these and on the right side, you'll spot a chariot

Collect this for the Chariot unit

To the left of this is a twin-flag bearing standard. Get this to unlock the Banner Bearer unit.

From this banner, turn left to spot a small area with four twisted deciduous trees around a slightly marked out arena area.

In the middle of this small arena is a set of boxing gloves;

This unlocks the Boxer unit

Now you're on to the last Legacy unit. From this grove, rise up into the sky and you'll some dead trees surrounding stone ruins. You may also see some lightning in the sky next to it.

In the centre of this ruin is a large crater, in which lies the last item, Mjolnir.

Collect this to unlock the unit Thor.

After collecting this, you'll have all the units unlocked as well as access to the Legacy campaign. You'll unlock an achievement for your troubles too

  • Legacy campaign. Hooray!

    Find all hidden units in the Legacy map

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4. Secret Units

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Guide for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (2024)
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