40+ Easy Christmas Party Food Ideas and Recipes – All About Christmas (2024)

Find yummy and festive Christmas party food ideas for a delish holiday part. From cute Santa hotdog socks to sweet marshmallow pops, celebrate the holiday with these yummy Christmas party foods.

Food is the best way to express one’s feelings. Christmas time is an overflow of such feelings. What better way to let those feelings materialize than to put them on the table for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at these collection of Christmas party food recipes and ideas.


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Krispie Treat Christmas Trees

Let your children play with their Christmas party food this season, because what else can they do with rice krispies, M&Ms and candy jelly? Aside from these mini Christmas trees, I mean.

Via: Raining Hot Coupons

Pita Tree Appetizers

Pop treats that pop an instant smile on your kids faces. Simple and fast to make, these treats are also healthy with a helping of veggies and fruits.

Via: Party Bluprints Blog

Cream Cheese Snowman Dip

The perfect Christmas party food side snack while spending a winter weekend with the family. Potato chips dipped in this super rich cream cheese and sour cream mix will force you to open that third pack of tortilla.

Via: Food Ideas Recipes

Christmas Party Dessert

This could double as the party table’s centrepiece with its colourful blend of marshmallows, berries and grapes, and cheese–just make sure you make five since the kids will deal with this in just seconds. Indeed, one of the easiest Christmas party food ideas to have.

Via: Food Ideas Recipes

Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes

Looks like a lot of work, but who cares right? Spend hours with the family while making these cupcakes and then share the joy of the jolly snowman with everyone.

Via: Catch My Party

Ho-ho-ho Hotdog Christmas Stocking

I vote for this to be the best idea of this year’s celebration. Why? One look and everyone goes…”aaaaawwww!”

Via: The Peach Kitchen

Cute Christmas Bites

Nothing can be as inviting as this one. They bring life to the dinner table and also bring good health to anyone who eats them…if they can manage to, that is.

Via: Ameblo

Frosty Snowman Pretzels

Your love for snow and that jolly person that appears only in winter will pass on to your guests with this candy melt coating and pretzel pair-up.

Via: Hungry Happenings

String Cheese Snowman

Great for class parties or just a snack for the kids. Though they look cold in the outside, they are nothing but warm and…well, cheesy in the inside.

Via: no Biggie

White Chocolate Popcorn

It’s popcorn but also chocolate candy balls. How is this Christmassy? That’s rhetorical right?

Via: the 36th Avenue

Christmas Pizza

Even pizza wants to look festive, so don’t hold back those ideas after baking it in the shape of a tree and a candy cane, next bake one like a snowman and then a snowflake, and then a wreath, and then…

Via: Delia Creates

Holly Jolly Jelly Shots

An explosion of both flavours and colors, don’t even try to resist these bite-sized delights. It looks pretty on the party table and also pretty nice to the tummy.

Via: Tablespoon

Oreo Snowman Pops

Coated with candy melts, these Christmas Oreos will make the kids stay still (if even for just a moment) and wonder how a snowman can taste so nice.

Via: North Carolina Charm

Grinch Pretzel Bites

Let the Grinch signal the start of the holidays with these beautiful morsels that will never put a frown on anyone’s face.

Via: Two Sister’s Crafting

Edible Santa Suit Candy Cups

The effort you’ll put in while making these treats will all be worth it after you see your guests munching it down like Santa has finally shown himself after all these years.

Via: Hungry Happenings

Cheese Santa Pops

Is it that chocolate red hat that pulls kids, or is it the white candy melt coating beard? Maybe it’s the butter cream cookie? What do you think?

Via: Cute Food For Kids

Cocoa No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Reindeer

Christmas can never be complete without these adorable guys making an appearance. Surprise guests with this silly-looking pop treats that’s nothing but sweetness and chocolaty goodness.

Via: Hungry Happenings

Grinch Kabobs

Despite the name, these nibblers aren’t even bitter, rather they are very (and surprisingly) sweet from the fusion of fruits and marshmallows.

Via: Raining Hot Coupons

Santa co*ke Cupcakes

It looks like co*ke, but it is truly just a dark chocolate cupcake with red vanilla frosting being random since it is after all the season to have fun and be happy.

Via: Living Locurto

Fruit Juice Cherry Jello Jiggler

Make it an appetizer, or make it for dessert, or make it for both, t doesn’t matter. What does matter is how many can you actually do because this fruit and jello recipe is going to be he huge hit with the kids and the guests.

Via: Living Locurto

Fruit and Cheese Christmas Tree

Four kinds of cheese in one tray with grapes, red and green, can’t be bad right? A very simple way to present finger food yet very effective since it’s very simple to eat.

Via: Kevin and Amanda

Eggnog Pudding Shots

A fantastic way to tease guests for dinner. This shot is light with the vodka, but it’s the pudding with eggnog that really spikes this guy up and puts it on top of the list of Christmas party food you will be serving for the next five years.

Via: Finding Silverlinings

Nacho Cheese Sticks with Cream Cheese Dip

That’s why this double cheese recipe receives the designation of appetizer because anyone who sees this plate will automatically eat this first among everything else in the dinner table. Oh, and there’s the snowman face too…

Via: Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

Crescent Pizza Stockings

Since this will be munched first, the small helping of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on a stocking-shape pizza dough topped with basil works well both for the eyes and the tummy

Via: Pillsbury

Reindeer Cake

Impressive, cute and funny are just the three words to describe this Christmas dessert. Of course the taste is a no-brainer since it is chocolate all throughout.

Via: Hobby Craft

Chocolate Pretzel Snowman

Pack this for your kid’s snack or make them for giveaways. Or you can do both since this snowman has only one goal in mind…make your Christmas a jolly and merry one.

Via: Hungry Happenings

Christmas Light Cupcakes

Twinkle and shine in a fun and sweet way that only this chocolate cupcake with Christmas M&Ms can do. Still very delicious and amazingly light on the tummy.

Via: Baked Bree

Christmas Crunch Funfetti Popcorn

Festive and fantastic, and not to mention easy and fast to make. A funfetti popcorn done with the Christmas colors and spirit, blending sweet and salty in a manner that’ll will make you think it’s always been made this way.

Via: Cooking Classy

Holiday Poinsettia Pretzel Bites

The instant first reaction to these tiny gastronomic treats would be to smell them and check if they are either food or flower. Regardless of the result, just dig in and enjoy.

Via: Two Sister’s Crafting

Christmas Cookie Bark

This recipe will only take 10 minutes to prepare and just seconds to impress friends and family members. Using just Oreos and pretzels with melted white chocolate and M&Ms, you’re sure to be hosting more parties.

Via: Keeping up with Kitchen Mom

Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Serve this Christmas appetizer with equal parts of classiness and cuteness. Butter never tasted so good before until this funfetti came into existence.

Via: cooking Classy

Christmas Marshmallow Pops

Running out of pop treats ideas? Try this chocolate and marshmallow combo. The candy melt coating is the one thing that’s different, but the goodness is intact, only in another level.

Via: Bake Play Smile

Holly Crackies

Christmas cookies shaped like decors but this one is of course edible. However you can still trick guests that it is part of the dinner table’s ornaments.

Via: Fake Ginger

Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Pizzza Bites

A pizza that’s also a Christmas tree. A pizza that’s bite-size. A pizza that’s full of summer and spring flavours, only its winter–so that’s an omega thumbs up for me!

Via: Hunts

Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

Veggies and pasta in one bite (or two, or three) can only mean one thing, the best is yet to come, but this morsel here just takes the entire cake at the moment.

Via: Tablespoon

40+ Easy Christmas Party Food Ideas and Recipes – All About Christmas (2024)
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